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Tips To Minimise Food Waste This Christmas

For many people, Christmas is the most wonderful times of the year. With the amount of food and alcohol consumed throughout this month, it is also one of the most wasteful. This year, with a little extra thought, we can help to keep our food waste to a minimum. Discover tips on how to make the most of food waste below.


Plan Ahead

Planning the recipes you want to make ahead of time can mean that you will end up buying exactly what you need. A lack of planning sometimes means last minute panic-buying that can result in ingredients that don't get used and end up being thrown away. If you plan far enough in advance, you also stand more chance of being able to secure a food delivery slot, which saves you time and last minute stress.


Cover Your Food Well

Ensuring food leftovers are stored well can help to keep them for longer. Food exposed to the air in your fridge or freezer will dry them out quicker than if they are kept in an airtight container. We recommend investing in some plastic-free containers that can be reused again and again.


Plan A Simple (But Still Delicious!) Menu

A good way to make sure you don't end up with too many dishes over the Christmas period is to make a list of the types of food you want, and then think realistically about whether you really need all of the dishes for the number of people you're hosting. This also means there is less cooking to be done, and it is easier to manage food quantities.


Enjoy Getting Creative With Leftovers

Even with lots of planning, the chances are you will end up with some leftovers. Get creative with thinking of other ways to use your leftovers for the next couple of meals. Explore more of our recipes, perfect for using up leftover Christmas dishes.


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