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Article: Google searches for ‘waterproof jacket’ jump 273% compared to June 2023

Google searches for ‘waterproof jacket’ jump 273% compared to June 2023

Google searches for ‘waterproof jacket’ jump 273% compared to June 2023

How wet has the weather been in July? It’s a topic we have all been talking about and it doesn't seem to be showing signs of letting up any time soon. In a month that follows the hottest June recorded for almost 140 years the forecast is set to stay dreary for a while. 

More people are searching for ways to dodge the rain

Whilst the outlook looks gloomy, research from Google Trends shows that many are looking to upgrade their waterproof wardrobes with Google searches for the term ‘rain coat’ and ‘waterproof jacket’ up 116% and 160% respectively year-on-year for July.


The term ‘rain coat’ is also up 246% month-on-month compared to June, showing just how wet the month has been in the UK with searches for the term ‘waterproof jacket’ up 273%.

As shown, searches for ‘waterproof jacket’ trend higher than ‘raincoats’, but July has seen a huge spike for both. 

A rain coat isn't just for July 

Important to note is that a rain coat isn't just for this (albeit dreary) July.  Rather, a quality one will be an investment piece which will protect you from the elements as the showers come throughout the rest of the year and for a long time into the future.


The environmental impact of fashion is well documented and often makes the headlines (take a look at Bloomberg newswire for example) but there are more sustainable alternatives that can do good for the planet and make you feel great.


Our waterproof jackets and raincoats are crafted sustainably, just like every single style in our collection. They’re perfect if you’re looking to protect yourself from the wet weather over the next few weeks and years as let's face it in the UK, a rainproof outer layer is never a bad idea! 



Remember too, that here at Thought we focus on creating products as thoughtfully as possible, not as fast as possible.


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