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The fabric: HEMP

Wear more, enjoy more.

naturally thermoregulating, hemp is cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and protects you from uv rays. This timeless fabric is up to eight times stronger than cotton and will last a lifetime without costing the planet.

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The process:

as they grow upwards, hemp plants also grow deep roots that hold the soil together. this prevents erosion, removes toxins and aerates the soil, improving its long-term health. when the plant matures at 15-20 feet, it is trimmed. these offcuts are left on the ground so the natural process of ‘retting’ can begin. this is essentially where we allow the plant to decay, until the inner bast fibres are exposed and can be harvested. the tough cores of the fibres and the hard, scratchy biopolymer called ‘lignin’ are both removed, leaving a far softer, smoother yarn. this yarn is twisted into long threads and spun into a fine, linen-like fabric.

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the impact:

• hemp production is climate positive. just one hectare of plant can absorb 15 tonnes of co2 in a year. it’s twice more effective than trees 

• it gives back. the plant returns 60-70% of its nutrients to the soil 

• uses four times less water than regular cotton production 

• naturally fights off pests, so no need for harmful chemicals – this is good for soil and the people who work on the land

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The aftercare:

Here’s something you barely have to think about as hemp gets better with age. But wash cool to retain colour. 

wash instructions

no ironing
no ironing
no tumble drying
no tumble drying

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