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Article: Jo's 3 Favourite Green Juices


Jo's 3 Favourite Green Juices

Juices are the quickest, simplest way to fill up on fruit, vegetables and nutrients. You can easily squeeze at least 3 of your 5 a day into them. I think these juices make the perfect mid-morning snack to keep hunger at bay until lunch, or even as a late afternoon lift before a fitness class. Of course, there are plenty of green juice recipes out there, but here are my three of my favourites to get you going – all cleansing, energy boosting and thirst quenching!

Favourite Green Juice Recipes

Apple, Pear, Avocado and Spinach

As mentioned in our recent Healthy Bank Holiday Breakfasts post, I'm a huge fan of foodie blogger Deliciously Ella. I love her healthy recipes, especially this yummy detox smoothie. The addition of avocado makes this juice extra filling and super smooth. And I'd really recommend adding a teaspoon of chia seeds to the mix for a nutrient-rich boost. Makes 1 large glass 2 red apples 1 pear 1 small avocado A large handful of fresh spinach leaves 1 tsp of hemp protein (optional) 1 tsp of chia seeds (optional) 1 tsp of flax seeds (optional) Press the apples and pear in a juicer if you have one or by hand if not. Add the juice, avocado and fresh spinach to your blender, plus any of the extras that you want. Then simply blend until smooth. Pour, sip and love. Adapted from:

Favourite Green Juice Recipes

Apple salad juice

This is by far one of the tastiest green juices I've tried. I'd particularly recommend this recipe anyone new to trying green juices. The addition of lime, ginger and nutmeg adds a real kick of refreshing flavour, making it the perfect breakfast juice to wake you up and give you a boost of energy. Makes 1 generous glass 2 apples A small handful of fresh spinach leaves 1/2 orange 1/2 cucumber 1/4 a lime, peeled 2cm piece of ginger, peeled Pinch of nutmeg 1 tsp spirulina powder (optional) Simply juice the fruits, then blend with the veg, ginger and nutmeg. Take two tablespoons of the juice and mix with the spirulina (if using) until smooth, then stir into the remaining juice and serve. From the book: 1000 Juices: Green Drinks & Smoothies by Deborah Gray

Favourite Green Juice Recipes

Jo's Green Detox Juice

This is my all time favourite green juice. It's my own twist on several of the recipes I've tried. I particularly like a juice that's on the sweet side so I love adding pineapple. A good, yet slightly less sugary alternative is to switch green apples for red. I have this juice every Monday morning and it really helps me kick start my week. (1 large glass or 2 small glasses) 1/4 of a pineapple 1 stick of celery 1/4 cucumber 1/2 lime 2 green apples 1 tsp wheatgrass powder (optional)

MY TOP TIP: Invest in a cooler cup and drink your green juices on the way to work, the school run or just to the shops.

If you have your own green juice recipes let me know below - I'd love to try them! Jo

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