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Bank holiday breakfasts: Time to try something different

Breakfast, in all it’s often-simple glory, is my favourite meal of the day. So the idea of having two extra days this weekend means more time to try out something new! If you feel like doing the same, here are a handful of ideas to try as you please.

3 Bank Holiday Breakfasts

Bank Holiday Breakfasts

1 / Clare's Turkish Baked Eggs

This one’s is a kind of Shakshuka, which is also delicious and a dish Emma suggested a while ago. My version lives in my head, and has done ever since I had the original in a South London café. Here it is, written down for the first time…

You’ll need

(Serves two) Half a small butternut squash, chopped 4-6 eggs (depending on how hungry you are/how many your feeding) Spinach leaves, or rocket Feta cheese, cubed and crumbled 1 clove of garlic, chopped Greek or natural yoghurt Sage leaves Butter A little vegetable oil


1. Roast the chopped butternut squash, in vegetable oil, for about half an hour. I often do this the night before if I’m organised as it means the dish is a bit quicker to make. When it’s browned and crisp, take it out of the oven and set aside to cool. 2. Add the spinach or rocket to a large dish in 2-3 strips. You’ll crack the eggs either side of these ‘barriers’ and want the whites to stay within them. Crack two eggs into each section you’ve created in your dish. Pop the dish into the oven and leave just until the eggs start to set. 3. While the eggs are cooking, mix the garlic with the yoghurt and add it to a bowl, ready to spoon on to the final dish. 4. Add a chunk of butter to a frying pan and when hot enough, fry the sage leaves until crisp. Set aside. 5. When your eggs are almost ready, scatter the butternut and feta cheese over them and return to the oven. 6. Keep an eye on your eggs, and when everything’s warm and almost ready, melt a bit more butter in the frying pan to drizzle over your dish when it’s plated. 7. Serve, with the butter and yoghurt, and enjoy.   Bank Holiday Breakfasts

2 / Paola's Mashed Avocado & Chilli Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Paola, author of the blog Cravings in Amsterdam, certainly knows how to make us hungry. Her delicious ideas include this laden, super-indulgent sandwich. I've tried it once and it’s a good one if you're really hungry as it's very, very filling – I couldn't finish mine!


(Serves 2) Good quality mature cheddar, grated or sliced thickly 1 ripe avocado, mashed 2 duck eggs, poached Crusty wholemeal bread, sliced Chili flakes ½-1 fresh lime, sliced Sea salt


1. Poach the eggs in a saucepan and lightly toast the bread. 2. Smother the toast with avocado and top with a layer cheese. Leave your sandwiches open and lightly toast the cheese so it melts. 3. Scoop your eggs out of the pan, drain and pop them onto your sandwiches. 4. Sprinkle sea salt and chili flakes and squeeze of lime. 5. Serve while hot!   Bank Holiday Breakfasts

3 / Aimee's Carrot Cake Breakfast Muffins

Who doesn’t like carrot cake? Aimee’s breakfast muffins are a healthier spin on this sweet favourite. And if you’re not a fan of raisins, she recommends simply leaving them out or swapping them for chocolate chips. Get the recipe here   If you give any of these a go, why not share a few snaps with us on Instagram? We’re @btreeclothing By Braintree's Clare

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