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Article: The best ethical moisturisers

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The best ethical moisturisers

As women, skincare has also been something pushed open us as a vital part of our daily routine. Because of this, the skincare industry is massively oversaturated with brands, ingredients and products that are difficult to tell apart. It's hard to see through the fray and discover products that are not only kind to the environment but also kind to your skin. To get to the bottom of this we've done the research and found the top moisturising ethical skincare products, according to eco conscious reviewers.

Weleda Skin Food

A favourite of Adele, Victoria Beckham and Julia Roberts. An all rounder product for dry skin. A lot of users who work outside or in rough conditions (read: that awful air conditioning system in your office) find this product to be really helpful for any dry areas of skin. This iconic cream is so popular - a bottle is sold every 23 seconds! Inside the product: organic rosemary leaf extract, organic pansy extract, organic calendula, organic chamomile extract. Our favourite comments: "This stuff has honestly changed my life! Okay a little dramatic, however this cream lives up to the name and truly nourishes dry skin. I use it all over and as a night cream every night. I also use it sparingly as a day cream when my skin is extra dry. It's a really thick cream and takes a little time to sink in but worth it." "It is so versatile as a skin food. Its brilliant on your face for extra moisture on a windy cold day. Its is a brilliant hand and foot cream. I love using it as a lip balm. Skin food is many products rolled into one." "You can't go wrong with this one. Great as a night cream for mature skins. Take it on holiday just in case of sun burn. Brilliant in rough weather. I use it every day as I have dry skin and spend a lot of time outdoors. A little goes a long way." Another Weleda product was recommended our Head of Marketing, Katy; "I love the Pine Reviving Bath Milk to soak after a long day in London. It leaves my skin really so silky!"

Neal's Yard Remedies Rose & Mallow Moisturiser

Neal's Yard Remedies started in Covent Garden in 1981 and became the UK’s first certified organic health and beauty brand. Inside the product: Rose, Mallow and Almond essential oils Our favourite comments: "In the past I have tried so many moisturisers and they all dried out my combination skin. I was recommended this one by a Neal's Yard representative which, initially I was reluctant to purchase as it looked too thick and heavy for my skin. I was promised the cream blends in and is actually very light. How right the sales lady was. This product feels like such a luxury to use every day and I just hope it is never discontinued. It is the only moisturiser to date which suits my skin perfectly." "I took this moisuriser with me on a winter holiday (extrememly low temperatures) and used it every morning and evening after washing with soap and water. I was surprised that my skin was never dry or flaky as often happens, especially in winter. My skin was smooth and hydrated, not irritated or flaring up in the least. Often I would stroke my face marvelling at how amazingly soft the skin was! I recommend this product for simple moisturisation and protection." "I have rocasea and very sensitive skin. Was recommended this by the very helpful assistant at The Body and Face Place Inverness. I had tried lots of moisturisers with no success and a continuous bright red face. This product is the best I have used, skin now feels smooth and best of all I don't look like a beetroot! It is great for scratches and cuts and I put it on my arms after a day in the garden - seriously it is great. I also use it for midgy bights and burns. I like it so much that I even contacted Neal's Yard and asked them to repackage in a tube. This is the one product I couldn't do without." "I am a 30 something with combination and sensitive skin so I find it difficult to get a moisturiser that works for me. I was slightly worried when I first put this on as it felt quite sticky and I thought it might not absorb and just leave my face feeling over moisturised and strange. How wrong I was! It absorbs very quickly and leaves my face extremely soft. Also it feels very light on and is perfect for both my oily and dry areas. I really couldn't recommend this enough!"  

Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser

Inside the product: Coconut, Grape seed, Karite, Almond and May Chang Essential Oil Our favourite comments: "I'm in love with the blissful daily moisturizer, it's amazing since I've used it my scars from acne have been slowly going away, my face feels so refreshed and smooth after using it, and to top it all off it's cruelty free which is a huge thing for me! Definitely a customer for life and can't wait to try more of these amazing products!" "I was so excited to get my order. I have been looking for a natural product that won't dry out or irritate my combination acne prone skin. The products smell amazing and feel nice and rich on your skin but leave your face feeling refreshed and clean. I can't wait for Christmas to have more Organic Surge products." "Such a beautiful smell and worth buying for that alone! This is a thicker cream than I'm used to with my daily moisturisers, so I am still experimenting with how much I need to use, but it does leave my skin lovely and soft." "My skin type is kind of complicated. Some parts have a very oily surface, some are very dry, particularly on the forehead region which you can see fine agEing lines appearing. There are pimples on the chin area and between eyebrows. This moisturiser just smoothen all up! My forehead line slowly disappears. I think they just a bit tightened but not dry. No dry flaky skins after cleansing my face with facial soap. The pimples slowly shrink but not as fast as using acne cream. But I'm not bothered as long as it's natural and does not leave any marks. Overall the moisturiser just brings back the natural feeling on my face. Love it." "I use this as a night cream (i wear the light oil control lotion in the day). It smells lovely and is very moisturising. I have oily / combination skin and this has not broke me out once! My boyfriend commented that he loved the lemon scent. Im converted and would not use any other brand for skincare now."  

Faith in Nature Intensive Moisturising Cream

Faith in Nature maintain a balance between natural and scientific skincare without compromising on the best and most ethical ingredients. They also use no synthetic colourings or fragrances, and are totally paraben free. Inside the product: Ginkgo Biloba and Olive Oil Our favourite comments: "Perfect moisturiser. Have spent some time looking for a vegan, ethically sound face cream that suits my skin and this is the one! I have dry, sensitive skin and this cream soaks in beautifully without leaving my skin greasy and you only need to use the tiniest amount. Finally when I thought it couldn't get any better I realised the price is fantastic for such a brilliant product." "Excellent Product. I have used this moisturiser for over a year and it is fabulous. It makes my skin really soft without greasiness. My fine lines have also become less noticeable since using this." "I use this cream - (my husband does too). Smells very delicate, hardly a scent at all so great for both sexes. Rubs in well and leaves no greasy residue. Pump dispenser works well and top snaps on and stays on" "I love the whole range of Faith in Nature products and I was delighted to find this excellent gentle chemical-free moisturiser which suits my dry skin really well."  

Green People Day Solution SPF15

A favourite for many of us at Thought HQ. Hannah, our Marketing Coordinator loves the Day Solution Cream; "it has a really light and silky formula, I have sensitive skin so love that the ingredients are organic and natural." Inside the product: Aloe Vera, Hemp, Jojoba, Green Tea, Chamomile and Rose Geranium Thought HQ are big Green People fans. Our favourite comments: "A really gorgeous face cream. I have searched high and low for a natural cream with a SPF and this is it and it smells lovely." "I have only been using this for a week but I am starting to love it! Good texture, it absorbs easily and I don't feel my face gets oily as it used to. Best of all it's got some sun protection!" "I absolutely love this cream. It ticks all of the boxes for me. I have really sensitive skin so I wanted a product with no artificial fragrances, l and no SPF. It smells divine, I look forward to using it every morning and it doesn’t leave a greasy film on my skin, but at the same time my skin feels moisturised. The pump dispenser is also great, you can control the exact amount that you want to use and it’s hygienic too. Many thanks Green People!" "Really pleased with this. Was a bit apprehensive about buying a face cream online without being able to try it first, but it was worth the gamble. Consistency is very different from other creams I've used before, but my skin is responding really well to it, so I am happy! Was particularly keen to find an ethically produced cream, with SPF, and there were not many choices, but this ticks all the boxes :)"  

Did we leave out your favourite ethical skincare product? Let us know in the comments...


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