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How TRAID is repurposing your unworn clothes

Over the past few years the Fast Fashion Industry has been relentless causing vast amounts of damage to the environment. The average person’s wardrobe is unnecessarily expanding at an alarming rate. This encourages the production and sale of clothes which are poorly made, barely worn and quickly replaced. In the UK alone, we are throwing away 300,000 tonnes of clothes every year.

How TRAID is repurposing your unworn clothes

Despite being one of the largest employing industries in the world the fashion industry contributes to global issues such as worker poverty, water pollution and waste. To put things into perspective; a single cotton t-shirt uses 2,500 litres of water. 3 years worth of drinking water for one person!

How TRAID are helping

TRAID is a charity working to stop clothes from being thrown away. They turn clothes waste into funds and resources to reduce the environmental and social impacts of our clothes. TRAID launched their 23% Campaign to bring awareness to the 23% of Londoners' clothes that are unworn. Since the 23% Campaign launched, 221 tonnes of clothes passed on to TRAID - the equivalent of 774,365 items!

That’s why we’re partnering with TRAID for their 23% campaign and encouraging the Thought Community to donate your unwanted or unworn clothes and help reduce the dangerous cycle of frivolous fashion.

How you can help

By passing on these clothes to TRAID for someone else to use, you can help to advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal Number 12. This helps ensure sustainable consumption and production and will spark positive change for our planet and its citizens.

Keeping clothes in use for longer is an immediate and practical step you can take to reduce the negative environmental impacts of our clothes, while supporting more sustainable production.

Get involved

To get involved with TRAID's 23% Campaign and discover more please click here. TRAID are providing a London collection service, or you can drop off your unworn clothes in TRAID charity shops or textile banks in London.

Not in London? You can drop your clothes at one of TRAID’s UK-wide network of textile banks!

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