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Clare's Planning Tips: Easy Ways To Organise Your Life

“Use a calendar”. The most common response when I asked friends for their best planning tips on getting organised. “Keep it updated”, was next. Simple, totally obvious – yet almost everyone I know still uses a calendar of some kind. Perhaps it’s because we’re instinctively visual creatures. So seeing our plans marked up on the wall helps us get motoring. I still use a diary. (And would feel utterly lost without it). And there are other things I do to help feel more on top of stuff – admittedly, some more successfully than others. Have a look over these ideas. And do let me know if you’ve some good ones of your own…

Clare's Planning Tips: Easy Ways to Organise Your Life

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Set Weekly Goals

This might be to exercise. To get that heap of ironing done. To get something of your to-do list at work that you really, really don’t want to do. So scrap the daily to do list and set up a weekly one. Then tackle big, ugly things head on. That meeting you’d rather not have. That bit of DIY you’ve been avoiding. Just get it done, and early in the week. Cross it off your list and move on to whatever’s next. The sense of achievement will spur you on. My top tip: practice acceptance if you don’t get everything done. You can only do what you can – and that’s more than okay. And reward yourself! planning tips

Plan Your Meals

Check your calendar and see what you and/or the family have on – and plan your meals around this. (This’ll also help cut down your food waste). Make leftovers more interesting with the addition of a fresh and quick salad (I’m hooked on Detoxinista’s No Fail Kale recipe). Don’t forget to plan snacks too. I make my own trail mix with banana chips, cranberries, and toasted coconut. And I always have almonds in my bag – It’s a good way to curb reaching for sugary treats.

Prep What You Need the Night Before

Your bag, your lunch, your clothes. You can organise lots in the evening. I haven’t quite managed the clothes one yet. Though what I do often do is, while still waking, think about what’s in my wardrobe and mentally put outfits together. It makes it much easier to get dressed when I do get up. planning tips

Clean a Little Each Day

That could mean cleaning the bathroom. Changing your sheets. Whatever you know won’t take very long. Try setting aside 10-15 mins every day. And put things away, right away – like coats and shoes.

Get an Early Start

When I’m working from home, it’s tempting to have a lie in as I don’t have to commute. Instead, I use the time to exercise. You could use it to prep your lunch, do that ten mins of cleaning, stretch – whatever you feel would be more useful.

Set the Tone of the Day

Start the day with a good intention or mantra. I have a friend who sets the tone for his day when he makes his bed every morning. Try doing the same. Clare planning tips What planning tips do you have to help get yourself organised? Tell us in a comment here or tweet us! You might also love reading Clare's 8 Simple Pleasures.

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