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DIY Moth Repeller Tutorial: Protect Your Wardrobe

Here at Thought, we're all about looking after our clothes to make them last - and you may have heard our mantra; 'wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on'. As we pack away our clothes for summer, we want to make sure that they are protected from any threat of becoming damaged. So we invited our thoughtful friend, Sarah from Traid to come in and teach us her DIY moth repeller tutorial. Read on to learn how to craft your own natural moth repellent teabag! DIY Moth Repeller Tutorial DIY Moth Repeller Tutorial

Protect Your Wardrobe This Winter with our DIY Moth Repeller Tutorial

You Will Need

  • A needle
  • An old piece of white cotton fabric (20cmx10cm) - we upcycled old bedsheets
  • Plain white thread
  • A selection of foraged herbs - we had a choice of thyme, rosemary, cloves, peppermint tea and lavender
  • Essential oils - we used citronella
  • A piece of wadding (5cmx10cm)
  • Colourful thread of your choice
DIY Moth Repeller Tutorial


1. Ensure your piece of white cotton is cut to approximately 20cm by 10cm in size. Fold the fabric so that both the 20cm sides are together. 2. Using white thread, stitch the 20cm ends together with a back stitch or a simple running stitch. DIY Moth Repeller Tutorial 3. Turn the piece of fabric inside out and iron it so that it's flat, with the stitching down the centre. Then fold the fabric in half and iron it flat again. Then proceed to fold each side back on itself to resemble the shape of a 'W', and iron the fabric flat for a third time. DIY Moth Repeller Tutorial 4. Fill the open ends with your desired herbs or scented oils - our team's favourites were lavender, peppermint and citronella. DIY Moth Repeller TutorialDIY Moth Repeller Tutorial 5. Fold the corners of the opening down to make a triangle. Then sew it down to seal the teabag. DIY Moth Repeller Tutorial 6. Use thread of your choice to attach your piece of wadding to the top of the moth repellent tea bag. 7. Use your colourful thread to embroider a message of your choice onto the wadding. DIY Moth Repeller Tutorial 8. Hang in your wardrobe!   Hannah DIY Moth repeller tutorial We would love to see how you got on! Make sure you tag us on Instagram or Twitter. You might also love reading our post on our Homemade Moth Repelling Wardrobe Freshener.    

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