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Article: Soothing, homemade lavender remedies


Soothing, homemade lavender remedies

Lavender is something of a natural wonder – it relieves tension, soothes the skin (and scalp) and in tea, can even aid digestion. Of course, it smells wonderful too! Here are a few of my favourite homemade lavender remedies: all are easy to make and have a soothing scent to help you relax. homemade lavender remedies

Calming Lavender Room Spray

I love making my own natural room sprays and this easy-to-make aromatherapy version is really soothing thanks to the therapeutic properties of lavender essential oil. Besides smelling lovely, the calming effect of this natural air freshener means it’s ideal for spritzing on your pillows and sheets before you go to bed. I like to take a small bottle with me when I travel, to mist on pillows and sheets to feel more at home. To make one bottle, you’ll need… 110ml of distilled water 30ml of non-flavoured vodka 1/4 fresh orange (juiced) 1/4 fresh lemon (juiced) 20 drops of lavender oil Spray bottle How to do it… 1. In a glass measuring jug, combine your water, vodka, lavender essential oil, orange and lemon juice. 2. Whisk together to blend and pour into a spray bottle. Shake well before spraying. 3. Spritz on clothes when ironing, mist it on your pillowcase, blankets, or even furniture. 4. Keep your spray out of direct sunlight and use within one month.   homemade lavender remedies

Lavender Sleep Sachet Tutorial

I love this DIY lavender and chamomile sleep sachet from Nicole, of Thicket and Thistle, (as well as her handy 'how to fall asleep' tips). The sachets are perfect for popping in your pillowcase to help you drift off at night. I like to add a couple of drops of essential lavender oil to my sachets for a stronger aroma. To make 4 sachets you’ll need… 100% cotton fabric (feel free to recycle an old T-shirt) Needle, thread, scissors 4 tbsps of lavender flowers 4 tbsps of chamomile flowers A few drops of lavender essential oil How to do it… 1. Mix the lavender and chamomile flowers in a bowl. 2. Cut out eight 4inch squares from your cotton fabric. 3. Place one square on top of another and sew around 3 edges, creating a pocket. Turn the pocket inside out so the raw edges are inside. 4. Fill each cotton pocket with 2 tbsps of the flower mixture, add 1 or 2 drops of lavender oil. 5. Tuck in the unsewn edge and carefully sew it closed.   homemade lavender remedies

Homemade Mint and Lavender Tea

Lavender is known for its stomach settling and stress reducing properties – so this calming, fragrant herbal tea recipe is great for winding down in the evenings. It’s so simple to make as well. To serve 4 you’ll need… 1 litre of water Small handful of fresh lavender Large handful of fresh mint How to make it… 1. Place lavender and mint in a small saucepan and pour water over herbs. 2. Heat to boiling, then reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes, or until the flavour reaches your desired strength. 3. Strain out the mint and lavender, and serve hot. Alternatively, you could let cool in pot, and then pour over ice to enjoy as an iced tea instead. If you don’t have fresh lavender to hand, you can substitute it for a few drops of pure lavender oil or a tbsp of dried lavender.   homemade lavender remedies

DIY Lavender Reed Diffuser

Wendy, our new #BThoughtful contributor, recently shared on her blog Moral Fibres how to make an environmentally friendly (and delicious smelling) reed diffuser. The tutorial only takes a few minutes to follow. We think this would work brilliantly with lavender essential oils to create a natural, calming fragrance in your home. You’ll need… A clean glass jar (preferably with a narrow mouth) 60ml of sweet almond oil 30 drops of lavender essential oil A handful of reed sticks (you can easily, and cheaply, buy them online) How to make it… 1. Pour the sweet almond oil into your glass jar. 2. Add your drops of lavender essential oil. 3. Add your reed sticks and after a few hours remove them and place in upside down to help the oils travel up the sticks. 4. Place in a spot away from children and pets and enjoy the lovely calming aroma.   homemade lavender remedies

Relaxing lavender and coconut bath salt

When it’s been a long day, I always find a bubble bath is a great way to unwind. Why not try it too? This simple-to-make relaxing bath salt will have you feeling good and smelling good in no time. You’ll need… 5 tbsps of Epsom salts 4 tbsps of sea salt 2 tbsps of lavender buds 1 tbsp of coconut oil 15 drops of lavender essential oil Mason jar for storage How to make it… 1. Start by combining your salts together in a glass bowl. 2. Mix in your oils and sprinkle in your lavender. Stir together. 3. Spoon your bath salt into a pretty mason jar or bottle for storage. It’s that simple! 4. User a couple of tbsps per bath and keep in your airtight container for up to one month.   Do you have any other creative ways to use lavender to relax? Share your ideas with us on Twitter and Instagram using #MadeWithThought. Jo x

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