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Earth Day 2021: Read, Listen, Watch And Follow

Whether you’re a reader, listener or you prefer to watch a documentary, there are many different resources available that can help us learn more about how we can reduce our environmental impact. Read on as we suggest some of the books, podcasts, documentaries and people who have inspired us in our sustainable journey recently.


‘Climate Justice’ by Mary Robinson

A story of hope, ‘Climate Justice’ explores the lives of those who have faced environmental and human rights challenges and made a positive impact as a result.

‘Rebuilding Earth’ by Teresa Coady

Teresa Coady is an award-winning architect who explains in her book how we ended up in our unsustainable surroundings, and provides a plan on how we can turn this around for the future.

‘50 Ways to Help the Planet’ by Sian Berry

This helpful guide offers ways we can make positive, practical sustainable change in our lives for the good of the planet.


The Jane Goodall Hopecast

World famous activist and storyteller Jane Goodall takes listeners on a journey, exploring her life and speaking with other incredible change makers.


How to Save the Planet

This podcast by Friends of the Earth brings inspiring stories from those working to reverse the climate crisis.


BBC Earth

Each week, the BBC Earth podcast brings interesting and inspiring truths about the human experience, science and nature.


The Ecosia Podcast

Listen along as the Ecosia team offer their views on climate issues and give project updates.


‘Chasing Coral’

This documentary follows a team of divers, photographers and scientists who seek to uncover the disappearance of the world’s coral reefs.

‘David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet’

In his film, David Attenborough shares his concerns for the future of our planet, and offers a sense of hope for the future.

‘Before the Flood’

Before the Flood addresses the dangers of climate change, and gives some possible solutions.


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We are always on the lookout for inspiring social media accounts that give us some tips on how to live more sustainably. Below, we list a few of the people we’ve found it helpful to follow recently.











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