At Thought, we love getting crafty and taking part in some DIY, and making your own candles is not only easy but fun too. We take you through our easy step-by-step guide, perfect for decorating your home or even as a gift idea to share with loved ones.


Discover how to make your very own soy candles below.


You will Need:

Soy candle wax

Candle wicks

Glass containers or old jars

Essential oils (we used patchouli, but you can mix whichever oils you'd like to make the perfect smell for you)

Glass bowl

Small saucepan




1. Fill your saucepan halfway with water and wait for it to gently boil.

2. Pop your bowl on the top of the saucepan, but make sure it's not touching the water.

3. For each candle you will need 2 x the amount of wax flakes that fit in your glass container. Tip your wax into the glass bowl and wait until it is fully melted.

4. Now, add a couple of drops of your essential oils and stir the wax.

5. Prepare your glass containers by popping a wick in the centre of each. Depending on the wicks you buy, you might need to use a couple of pencils to hold them up while your candle sets.

6. Turn off the heat, and carefully pour the wax into your container, making sure your wick doesn't move and stays upright.

7. Leave the candle to set for around 12 hours, and then trim your wicks.


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