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In Partnership With Eden Reforestation Projects

For Earth Day 2022, we are so excited to have partnered once again with Eden Reforestation Projects a non-profit organisation who seek to tackle the problem of deforestation, and alleviate extreme poverty through their ‘Employ to Plant’ initiative. At Thought, we believe that protecting the environment and looking after people go hand in hand, so we are proud to announce that for every order placed with us from 19th and 26th April, 5 trees will be planted through Eden Reforestation Projects. We will also be planting 5 trees every time you refer a friend or family member to receive our emails.


Read on to discover more.

Why Plant Trees?

While the problem of deforestation is global, underdeveloped and poverty-stricken areas are the most impacted. Due to lack of resources, communities are often left with no other option but to cut down trees in order to meet basic needs such as heating and fuel. The long-term concerns of deforestation mean a higher risk of flooding, erosion and negative impact on wildlife. By planting trees, areas that have suffered environmental devastation can look forward to restoration in their community.

The 'Employ to Plant' Initiative

Due to the direct relationship between areas of extreme poverty and the problem of deforestation, it is important that reforestation promotes a well-rounded approach to community transformation. Eden Reforestation Projects empowers local communities through ‘Employ to Plant’, offering steady employment, allowing local villagers to receive a consistent income, breaking the cycle of poverty.

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