When we come together to effect positive change, amazing things can happen. A great way to have an impact on the future of our world is to support a cause for something you believe in. We’ve pulled together a list of great causes to support this Earth Day.

Friends of the Earth


Friends of the Earth are an international community dedicated to protecting our world, wildlife and people. Through Friends of the Earth, you can find like-minded people in your local area by joining a Climate Action group and work together for positive change in your community. You can also donate to Friends of the earth, which will go towards funding campaigns that influence the government to work towards a greener, safer future for our world.



WWF is an independent organisation, focussed on conserving the world’s forests, seas, rivers and wildlife. Protecting nature and its resources are not only essential for human life to continue and flourish, but to build healthy, strong communities. This Earth Day, WWF are bringing to our attention the reality that the demands of humanity currently exceed the capacity of the earth. WWF seek to find solutions for these big environmental challenges, in order for our world to thrive. Click here to donate to the work of WWF.



Plantlife is a conservation charity based in the UK, working on a local and international scale to save wild flowers, plants and fungi. Recognising the importance of the natural world, Plantlife is concerned about all environmental issues, such as the protection of resources, carbon emissions and clean water. By donating to Plantlife, wild flowers and pollinators can be planted, helping reverse the negative effects on our environment, caused by a decline in wild flowers.

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust


Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) are committed to saving endangered species from extinction, and work with people and communities around the world who rely on wetlands. Packed with bio-diversity, wetland areas around the world provide homes for endangered species and people. They provide essential protection against pollution, flooding and droughts. WWT make it possible to adopt or sponsor an animal under threat from losing its habitat.


From 20th-25th April, we are planting 5 trees for every order. Read more here

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