lily bertrand-webb is a photographer based in west london. from a young age, photography and film have helped lily to overcome the challenges caused by losing her hearing. read on to learn more about lily.
lily in her studio
lily wears the mehri jacket and hi-rise culottes
Hi Lily! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm half Dominican and half english. i'm deaf and wear a cochlear implant. i have over 25+ cameras in my west london studio, and am a skater and surfer!
what is it that you love about photography?
i love how a moment can be captured in time through a photograph. there's nothing quite like taking a photo, looking at it for a second time and discovering new things.
a peek inside lily's studio
what inspires you in your work?
I'm inspired by friends and family, and even strangers along the way.
lily in the utility jumpsuit

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