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Living More Thoughtfully: Easy Energy-Saving Tips

As the cooler weather creeps in, it’s a natural instinct for some of us to reach for the thermostat. Wanting to be more mindful of our bills and our carbon footprint, we’ve listed some easy tips to help you save on energy without having to pay out for extra gadgets.

Adjust Your Laundry Settings

A simple switch to a lower temperature setting can make a real difference to your energy consumption — but in a lot of cases can help protect your fabrics and extends the lifespan of your clothes, too. If you’re looking to extend your planet-friendly washing even further, try washing your clothes with the Guppyfriend washing bag to help prevent plastic fibres reaching the ocean and causing pollution.

Switch Off

How often do your family members forget to turn the lights off? Get into the habit of not only switching your mind off at the end of the day, but the plugs too — you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your bills.

Go Green

If you’re not happy with your providers’ sustainability record, consider switching to a green energy supplier that offers power through renewable energy sources, or at least switch to a provider who pays to offset their carbon emissions.

Wrap Up

It sounds obvious doesn’t it, but you’d be surprised by how many people find it easier to turn up the heating than put an extra layer on. Try saving popping the heating on until it turns too cold outside, and instead invest in some beautiful chunky natural knitwear to get cosy in — cheaper and you’ll feel fashionably snug.

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