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Make Alternatives To Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers are often seen as a traditional part of Christmas dinner proceedings. There's something about having a small token at each place setting, often filled with a festive joke and hat that makes the day feel more special than a normal family dinner. However, it is estimated that over 100 million shop-bought crackers are pulled in the UK alone, which amounts to a huge quantity of waste. Finding a handmade and eco-friendly alternative to Christmas crackers might be more meaningful to your guests, and kinder to the planet too.

Read on as we suggest some handmade alternatives to a Christmas cracker.

Mini Rosemary Wreaths

These little wreaths are fun and quick to make, and they'll be sure to make your table look wonderful and christmassy. The rosemary sprigs allows the wreaths to smell amazing, and they are perfect for customising with name tags, ribbons or your favourite ornaments. These wreaths also make great party favours; your guests can take them home and hang them up for the rest of the festive period.

DIY Gift Bags

Use some leftover gift wrap or print your own to make small paper gift bags for your guests. Fill these with homemade treats, or why not write an encouraging note to each person and pop it inside? These are quick and easy to make, and fun for the whole family.

Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

Make your own plastic-free Christmas crackers that are traditional and sustainable. Fill the crackers with whatever you like — some ideas include a handwritten note, a bar of Fairtrade Divine chocolate; or if you're feeling crafty, why not try making your own lip balm to pop inside?

Bake Small Treats

Baking treats for your guests is a wonderful idea for a few reasons. It can help you feel festive, use up ingredients in your cupboard and provide a lovely gift for friends and family. Wrap your baked treats in recycled paper or even spare festive wrapping paper to keep with your Christmas theme.

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