we spent some time with bianca, founder of bable candles, creating hand-painted candles from her home in south london.
Hi Bianca! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm Bianca, and I spent 7 years as a primary school teacher in Fulham, south london. I recently decided to leave teaching and set up my own business, painting candles. I live with my sister and her boyfriend, I have two brothers who live in the flat above us and my parents are within walking distance. 
How do you go about starting bable?
I used to be a primary school teacher in south london. one weekend in the garden, i decided to paint some candles. I shared them on instagram, wrapped them up as a gift and took them to a friend's dinner party. et voilà, bable was born!
What do you love most about running bable?
I'm a born and bred hostess and love throwing dinner parties; bringing people together and getting dressed up. Colourful, hand-painted candles are the perfect way to add an extra bit of pizazz. I love seeing customers enjoy their candles, and am incredibly grateful for all the support I have received.

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