As a team, we've been putting a lot of thought into the small changes we can make at home. Making small changes that will impact the environment in a positive way doesn't need to be time consuming, and we believe we all have an opportunity to inspire others through the sustainable choices we make. Each product in our Thought Living range offers the chance to make a small change; and they make wonderful gifts for others.

Discover the small change pledges our Thought team are making below.

Coffee Capsules by Cru Kafe

Steph, our womenswear designer has pledged to change her coffee capsules for a sustainable option. The capsules are compatible with a Nespresso machine, and they come in an aluminium casing that is fully recyclable. We recommend using the Dualit capsule recycler which helps to remove the coffee granules for an easy recycling process. Steph has started using the Cru Kafe capsules recently in lockdown, and beforehand she would take her bamboo coffee cup when going to a coffee shop.

Dental Floss Picks by The Humble Co.

Alfie, our CRM manager has pledged to use floss picks by The Humble Co. instead of plastic dental floss. Nylon or plastic dental floss takes around 200 years to decompose, which is harmful to the planet. These floss picks by The Humble Co. are made from cornstarch and come in packaging made from paper. They also have double threading, meaning it's easy to catch all food debris.

Kind2 Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Emily, our Graphic Designer is changing her usual shampoo and conditioner bottles for these bars by Kind2. Free from soap and sulphates, these products work wonders on all hair types; and the shea and hemp infusion smells fresh and wonderful. Emily pops her shampoo and conditioner bars into her bag and takes them to the gym, as they are a handy size and easy to use.

Colt and Willow All-Purpose Cleaner

Katie, our Digital Marketing Manager is pledging to swap two things; the all-purpose cleaning solution from Colt and Willow, who offer natural, family friendly cleaning products that are plant-based. Each product contains clean notes from the garden, the gentle scent is fresh and relaxing. Katie has also swapped kitchen towel for reusable bamboo paper towels, which is much more absorbent than regular kitchen towel; and can also be thrown in the washing machine time after time.

Upcircle Face Serum

Cheska, our E-commerce Assistant has chosen to make a sustainable change to her skincare routine. Cheska chose to give up fast fashion two years ago, and has now decided to make a similar change in other areas. At this time of year, it's common to experience dry skin, and Cheska has said the Upcircle Face Serum is really kind to her skin, making her feel hydrated and refreshed. The Upcircle Face Serum is also vegan and 100% cruelty free, and is made from repurposed coffee grounds from London coffee shops.

Beauty Made Easy Lipstick

Alex, our Key Accounts Manager has swapped her lipstick for Beauty Made Easy's plastic free, vegan lipsticks. Alex has found these lipsticks to be moisturising and nourishing; and there are four shades to choose from.

We'd love to invite you to make a small change with us. Tag us in your small change on Instagram using the tag #smallchanges.

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