This is the time of year when we begin to contemplate clearing our stuffy, cluttered wardrobes ready for the Spring. A wardrobe detox can often feel like a chore if it’s not organised properly, so we’ve put together some helpful wardrobe detox tips to help you get started and make it fun.

wardrobe detox tips

Our top wardrobe detox tips

1. Just do it!

After all the cosiness of winter, Spring is the perfect time to de-clutter and have a wardrobe detox. Don’t keep putting it off – if you don’t do it now, you probably won’t for another year!

2. Give yourself plenty of time

Be realistic about how much time your wardrobe detox will take to avoid having to stop half way through – you may need to allow an entire day.

wardrobe detox tips

3. Make it fun

Stick on your favourite playlist to help keep you motivated! You could also get your friends involved, which will come in handy when struggling to decide whether to keep something or throw it.

4. De-clutter and be ruthless about it

One of the most important things for your wardrobe detox is making sure you’re ruthless about your decisions. It will help if you ask yourself these questions: Is it a timeless piece? If you think you’ll wear it season after season, it’s worth keeping. Is it comfortable and a good fit? Does it make you feel good? Is it versatile? Make sure you can style it with at least 3 different outfits! Does it suit your lifestyle? You need pieces that not only work with each other, but also fit into your day to day activities too. Have you worn it in the last 12 months? If not, you probably won’t wear it again! wardrobe detox tips

5. Donate

If you are donating your items of clothing to a good cause, it won’t make you feel as bad about throwing things away. Here’s a selection of addresses that will help you decide where’s best for you to donate:

6. Quality over quantity

In the future make sure you put more thought into your purchases. Bargains might seem great at the time you purchase them but realistically, will they stand the test of time? Instead of panic-buying, consider the journey of your clothes… were they fairly made? How big is their carbon footprint? And will they last you season after season?   wardrobe detox tips  

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