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Article: Weekly Skin Care Routine with Mona Living

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Weekly Skin Care Routine with Mona Living

When it comes to skin care advice, we know it's best to speak to the experts. We caught up with Ru, CEO and Founder of organic skincare brand Mona Living, for some guidance on creating an effective and ethical weekly skin care routine.

Mona Living was formulated to bring effective skin care using natural, sustainable, and cruelty-free ingredients , making them a natural fit for our new Thought Living collection.

Ru, CEO and Founder of Mona Living

Tell us about Mona Living and where it all began.

Unbeknown to me my skincare journey started from a young age, my mother taught me to moisturise, drink plenty of water, use turmeric to brighten my skin and always use olive oil after every bath and shower. She was an advocate for having good skin, first skin then makeup.

I wanted to create a product that was kinder to the skin using all natural ingredients and going back to the simplicity of childhood.

Mona has been created to give you a real, easy non-complicated beauty routine. Mona was formulated to bring effective skin care using natural ingredients, leaving the skin looking and feeling hydrated and bright, skin before makeup.


Talk us through the basics of a great weekly skincare routine

Skincare can be complicated or simple, it's understanding what’s best for you and not just following trends.

Day time and night time routines are equally important.

Cleansing is paramount before applying any type of toner or moisturiser, you can double cleanse with two cleansers or the same cleanser.

Using a moisturiser with Hyalunronic acid that plumps and hydrates the skin, giving you more elasticity in your skin.

Exfoliating once a week with good not abrasive scrub to remove dead skin leaving your skin glowing! This works well after cleansing and I use this routine after a full makeup day.

Our Bamboo exfoliating scrub contains natural silica, an organic compound that helps your skin feeling healthy and supple. It also has many essential nutrients like amino acid. The mandarin extract provides a good source of vitamin C and E, for helping you achieve a healthy skin tone.

Once or twice a week I add a facial oil to my nighttime routine really locks in moisture and wake upto supple, glowing skin.

Last but not least, masking! Candles on to set the mood and my favourite Apple, Aloe and Avocado Clay Mask. The combination of apple, avocado and aloe is a creamy, clay-based face mask which provides a rich foundation of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, including A, C and E, to purify & hydrate your skin.


Which products should we be using in our routine and how do we use them?

Cleanser. Massage into your skin, use a warm face cloth or pad to remover

Toner. Made with organic rose water, it restores your skin’s pH balance. Spritz on your face or spritz into a cotton pad and wipe away any excess dirt after cleansing.

Moisturiser. Rose-infused daily Q10 moisturiser contains Hyalunronic acid that plumps and hydrates the skin, giving you more elasticity in your skin. Massage into your skin not forgetting your neck and décolletage.

Body scrub. Body exfoliation is the removal of dry or dead skin cells improving the skin's surface or texture. It also increases blood circulation resulting in more radiant skin, as this is oil based no need to moisturise after.


Do you have any tips for sensitive skin?

Use Fragrance free skincare, hydration is key, moisture often and drink plenty of water. Cleanse your skin also cool down your skin when it feels irritated by using a cool damp cloth. Keep your pillow clean, use clean makeup brushes

And finally, do you have any expert advice for maintaining a healthy complexion beyond skincare?

I believe not only applying good skincare products but also skin health, This isn’t just drinking water but eating well.

Sleeping on a clean pillow, not touching your face all the time, using clean makeup brushes. SPF is so important!

Using a tool face roller can stimulate blood flow, decreases puffiness, distributes skincare products- a good workout for the face.

Finding a good facialist who understands your skin and what it needs to maintain your skin is always a good idea.


For great skin care advice, follow Mona Living @monalivingofficial

Discover Mona Living’s range as part of our Thought Living collection.

Ru and the team at Mona Living have created some useful videos on all things super skincare.

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