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Article: The boost of fresh juices


The boost of fresh juices

Now that the sun has come out (well we’ve had a little glimmer) then naturally I find myself thinking about how I am going to have a healthier lifestyle and include even more fruit and veg into my diet. So I started researching quick and easy juice recipes using mostly seasonal and easy to buy produce that I could just blitz and drink – so less time for excuses and limiting my food waste. So here’s my suggestions, based on the fruit and vegetables I really like and their super hero properties. Please do tell us if you have any wonder juice recipes and we will happily share. Enjoy...  

4 wonder juice recipes

Wonder Juice Recipes

Energising Beetroot, Cucumber and Ginger Juice by Deliciously Ella

Beets are true super foods - a great source of iron, potassium, magnesium, folic acid and vitamins A, C and B6, as well as being packed with anti-oxidants. Along with cucumber and ginger this juices becomes a great cleanser and tastes good any time of the day.
1 beetroot 1 cucumber 2 sticks of celery 3 carrots 1 red apple An inch of ginger
The only preparation you need to do is to chop the leaves off the beetroot and peel away the outer layer of dirt and thicker skin, then chop the leaves off the celery. Once this is done simply put everything through the juicer, stir, sip and enjoy! You’ll find it online at   Wonder Juice Recipes

Watercress Juice Wonder by Joe Cross

Watercress is high in vitamin K which is important for blood clotting and bone strength and formation. It is also very high in vitamin C, vitamin A and Calcium so this really does do what it says in the name.
1 large bunch of watercress 2 green apples 1 lime 2 celery stalks
Wash all produce well. Peel the lime (optional or scrub for a more sour taste with the added peel nutrients). Add all ingredients through juicer and enjoy! You can also substitute the watercress for kale, lettuce, spinach or chard. View the recipe and even more of his juicing ideas at   Wonder Juice Recipes

Immunity boosting Blueberry and Cucumber Juice by Victoria at Green Plate Rule

With blueberries being high in fibre, vitamins C and K, and proven to be good for improving memory and fighting against Alzheimer’s then this wonder juice is a must if you’re feeling slightly fatigued. Serves: 2
1 cup of blueberries 1 cucumber 1/2 lemon, rind removed 2 apples (Pink Lady apples)
Juice all the ingredients in the order listed and serve over ice. Find the full recipe and lots more clean eating suggestions at   Wonder Juice Recipes

Refreshing carrot, orange and ginger juice by Liz Della Croce at The Lemon Bowl

A bright and refreshing way to start your day, this Carrot Orange Ginger Juice packs a nutritional punch. Serves: 4
4 carrots - peeled and cut in large chunks 2 seedless oranges - peeled 1 lemon - skin removed 2 inch piece ginger root - peeled 2 cups ice 1 cup water
Place all ingredients in the blender and add more or less ice to taste. It’s enough for four servings so you can share with your friends and family or store the fridge. Read Liz’s blog and discover more of her recipes at   For more healthy juice inspiration, see Jo's favourite 3 Green Juice Recipes, or you may like to try the natural energy-boosting recipes I shared earlier this year. Wonder Juice Recipes by Emma

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