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The fabric: Seacell™

Unlock the wonders of the ocean.

a soft and supple fabric created from regenerating natural materials. seacell harnesses the natural health benefits of seaweed, protecting your skin and the planet.

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the process:

seaweed is naturally occurring and abundant in our ocean ecosystems. we want to keep it that way. by harvesting only the regenerative part of the plant every four years the seaweed is not damaged, and regrowth is actually encouraged. this ensures the sustainability of the plant and the fabric. The untreated harvested seaweed is crushed and ground, then mixed with a sustainably sourced wood pulp fibre to create this unique fabric. this is a closed loop process – zero waste and no chemicals used.

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the impact:

• 100% organic, biodegradable and compostable 

• contains a uniquely high level of antioxidants, rich in vitamins and minerals, non-allergenic and gentle enough for babies 

• protects your skin from the environment – neutralises damaging free radicals caused by stress and pollution. like magic 

• selective harvesting is ecologically sustainable

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The aftercare:

Incredibly durable. The positive properties of the seaweed are permanently preserved within the fibre. Even after multiple washes.

wash instructions

no ironing
no ironing
no tumble drying
no tumble drying

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