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Article: 5 Recipes with 5 Ingredients

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5 Recipes with 5 Ingredients

Sometimes the idea of food prep can be overwhelming, especially when the dish you want to make has an unending list of ingredients. Making nutritious, wholesome meals with fewer ingredients is a step in the right direction towards living a less cluttered life that is easy to sustain, too.


Read on as we suggest 5 recipes that use 5 ingredients...

Blistered Green Beans with Garlic from Bon Appétit, Recipe by Chris Morocco


Inspired by south-western Chinese cuisine and packed with flavour, these delicious green beans are the perfect healthy dish. Aside from oil and salt (which, the chances are you'll have in your cupboard already), you'll only need to grab a handful of things when you pop to the supermarket.


Pasta Al Limone from Bon Appétit, Recipe by Molly Baz

Who doesn't love a comforting bowl of spaghetti on a week night? This simple but delicious pasta dish has a citrusy kick, and is quick and easy to make — ideal for when your hungry but time poor.


Tasty Warm Lentil Salad by Jamie Oliver

It's hard to believe a meal this tasty can only use such a small amount of ingredients, but Jamie's lentil salad is rich in goodness and flavour. The perfect dish to pop into a container and save for a tasty lunch at the office or at home.


Spiced Whole Roast Cauli by Jamie Oliver


Flavoured with pomegranate, harissa and a pinch of dukkah, this minimal recipe turns an ordinary cauliflower into a delightful dish, that's packed full of flavour.


Niçoise Salad by Jenny Rosenstrach

Get your dose of greens with this mouthwatering niçoise salad. Surprisingly filling, these simple ingredients can be picked up from the shop on on your way home, and the prep is practical for a weeknight.


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