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Article: BLOG: Ways to say thank you to the “mum” in your life

BLOG: Ways to say thank you to the “mum” in your life

BLOG: Ways to say thank you to the “mum” in your life

We’re well aware that, while Mother’s Day has been created as a celebratory day, it can be a difficult time for many too, especially if you’ve lost your mum or, for whatever other reason, no longer have her in your life. We do hope, though, that for all of you, there is a special person in your life you can be grateful for - whoever that may be - on Mother’s Day and beyond.

And, if you do want to mark the day by acknowledging the support that person has given, we’ve got a few suggestions. Bought gifts can be fantastic, but you may also want to consider something a little different as another way of showing them that you’re oh-so grateful for all they’ve done for you.

1. Write them a letter

We know it sounds obvious, but putting pen to paper really can be the loveliest way to show someone how thankful you are for all they’ve done. And, while an email could work, why not consider going old school and digging out that pretty stationary to make it a little more personal?

Sometimes your words just flow that bit more naturally, too, when you’re handwriting. Whichever way you choose, as long as the message conveys all you want it to, we know they’ll love it.

2. Take time for them

In a world where we’re all so busy, with so much going on, taking time out to spend with someone really is a precious gift. So, if you fancy it, and can find a little time, why not arrange an actual real-life date with that special person?

Coffee, brunch or just a walk in the park where you tell them how much you cherish them can be a great way of showing your appreciation for them.

3. Give them a pamper gift

If you like the idea of buying something to say thank you, sometimes those classic ideas are the best, and a pampering gift - like a candle, a soothing eye mask (wonderful zzzzzs almost guaranteed) or super-cosy slippers - could be just the ticket if you’re buying for someone who loves the chilled life.

4. Make something

If you’re the crafty kind (or even if you're not but fancy giving it a go) nothing says “I care” like a homemade gift. What you make is totally up to you and depends on what you can do - from a homemade card to knitting something, creating and framing a painting or photo collage, or perhaps making a baked gift like cookies or a cake - the time and effort will be warmly welcomed.

5. Pass something on

Share something that’s really inspired you lately - it could be an amazing read, a funny / uplifting podcast or television show or a great piece of advice that you’ve found really heartening. Maybe you follow a truly motivating Instagram which ives you a good mood boost every day - pass it on to someone you care about and share the love.

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