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Create The Perfect Environment You Can Relax In

It’s so important to take time out of our busy lives to look after ourselves, and our ability to relax is largely down to the environment we’re in. Creating a healthy routine that works with your lifestyle can help you to feel more rested, sleep better and de-clutter your mind.

Continue reading as we talk you through some tips to creating a relaxing environment you can enjoy.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Ensure your bedroom is dark and cool, free of stress and distractions. An idea room temperature is between 15-20 degrees, and it’s worth investing in curtains or blinds that completely block out the light. You can also try wearing an eye mask to block the light out and send you into a deep sleep.

If you need to listen to something to relax your brain, we’d recommend listening to a sleepcast such as Headspace or Calm; and you can even set a time limit on the app to ensure it turns off after a while.

Declutter Your Space

A cluttered room can leave you feeling stressed and anxious. Dedicate some time each week to clearing your area and making it look and feel fresh. Invest in a good quality diffuser or candles to elevate your space and help you relax.

Avoid Looking at Your Phone at Night

Try wind down phone usage after dinner time. Removing this distraction will free up more mental space to enjoy other things such as family time, a good book or a movie. Looking at your phone screen just before bed also affects your sleep cycle, and makes it hard for your brain to relax.

Wear Soft, Comfortable Clothing

It’s important the clothes against your skin are soft and comfy. Make sure you’re wearing breathable pieces that have a comfortable fit and can be layered up in the cold weather. Investing in pyjamas you love is well worth it, and they last longer too.

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