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Article: Vegan Recipes

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Vegan Recipes

This Easter, you might be embracing the opportunity to meet with some of your loved ones outside for the first time in a while, meaning good food and delicious drinks are definitely in order! Adopting a vegan lifestyle has proven to be beneficial for the environment and for overall gut health, and there is a common myth that vegan food is often boring. However, we offer some recipes below that are far from it; they are delicious, colourful and promise to be a crowd pleaser among your guests.

Easter Vegan Pancakes

That might look like a real egg on the top there, but it's actually vegan yogurt and apricots! Easy yet impressive, these pancakes are filling and healthy.

Asparagus Quiche

Eggless and gluten-free, this quiche recipe is packed full of nutritious tofu, plant milk and chia. Serving 8 slices, you can save some for leftovers or treat yourself to seconds!

Vegan Hot Cross Buns

Believe it or not, the traditional hot cross bun can be made vegan with only a few simple swaps! These treats are fun to make with the whole family, and you can even make a couple of batches to see you through the whole of Easter.

Raspberry Banana Bread

This easy, healthy dish smells delicious and works perfectly as an after lunch desert, or even for breakfast. The raspberries give a wonderful moist texture to the bread, and the flavours pair perfectly with coffee.

Carrot Cake Doughnuts

Another favourite for brunch or a snack, these carrot cake doughnuts are delicious and fun to make. The icing is healthy too, made from only a few simple ingredients and a base of cashew cream.


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