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Article: Lucy's DIY Weaving Tutorial: Upcycling Your Bed Sheets


Lucy's DIY Weaving Tutorial: Upcycling Your Bed Sheets

Have you met Lucy Davidson, one of our newest Thoughts contributors? Lucy, owner of craft and lifestyle blog Peas and Needles, shares her first weaving tutorial on how to upcycle old bed sheets to create a beautiful woven placemat. Over to Lucy... weaving tutorial

Lucy's Weaving Tutorial: Upcycling Your Bed Sheets

What You Will Need

  • Cardboard or foam board
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Marker pen
  • Bed sheets in various patterns

Step 1

Take your foam board and on each of the short ends, starting 5cm in, use your ruler to mark every centimeter. Use your scissors to cut slots on each mark. Do this on the opposite end of the board too.

Step 2

Taking your bed sheets, cut and then rip the fabric into strips. It should tear evenly across the sheet. Repeat this process until you have a nice pile. Separate strips by the colour and then pattern. weaving tutorial

Step 3

Gather two pieces of fabric together and slot each end in between the notches on your board. It should have a few spare inches hanging over each edge. Make sure that the fabric is straight and in the opposite notches on each side. Repeat this step across the board and then you will be ready to weave. It will feel quite bulky but that's fine, you can separate them out at a later stage.

Step 4

With the opposite colour strips starting about 10cm from the edge of your cardboard slots, begin to weave the strip under and over each group until you reach the other side. Don't forget to leave a tail at the beginning of about 30cm. Once you get to the other end, loop around the last section and go back on yourself, weaving the opposite way to what you did in the last row. You will see the weave start to take place. Repeat this process until you have filled up the piece of cardboard. If you find the strips start to slip secure them on the back with some tape. I found this made it a little easier. weaving tutorial

Step 5

Once you have completed this process, make sure you weave your ends in so they are secure. Tie them in a knot at the back.

Step 6

Take the weave off the cardboard. You can either leave it like this with lovely long tassels or you can trim them down. weaving tutorial

Step 7

As mine was going to go on the table I decided to trim the ends to about 10cm long. Use your ruler or the other side of the cardboard as a guide.

Step 8

Remember to trim any stray pieces of cotton flying about, then you are ready to use your placemat! weaving tutorial Happy weaving! Lucy weaving tutorial If you enjoyed Lucy's weaving tutorial, you might also love reading Victoria's Upcycled Shirt Tote Bag. Don't forget to share your DIY creations with us on our Twitter or Instagram, we would love to see what you've upcycled!

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