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Earth Day 2022: things to watch, read and do

this year and every year, we are conscious of our beautiful planet, and how we can protect it. we've curated some of the resources we've found helpful recently when thinking about our world. read on to discover more.






No one is too small to make a difference: Greta Thunberg

read the history-making speeches of greta, the young activist who has become a voice for this generation.

The uninhabitable earth: David Wallace-Wells

an immediate call to action, to inspire others to act urgently for the good of the planet.

What we know about climate change: Kerry Emanuel

 a realistic, concise look at where we are with the climate.



Initiatives to get involved with



keep britain tidy: an initiative that encourages people to clean beaches and public spaces.

grow:  a charity organisation that inspires people to get outside, plant vegetables and learn about the way things grow.

good gym: an organisation that encourages people to get fit while they look after the environment.





our great national parks: barack obama

kiss the ground

down to earth with zac efron





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