Lemon & Thyme seasalt body scrub recipe This homemade lemon and thyme body scrub is easy and quick to make with just a few kitchen ingredients. Not only is this scrub great for curing dry winter skin... but it smells delicious too! It's quite inexpensive and uses all-natural ingredients; making it perfect to present in a cute recycled jar as a little homemade gift. Lemon & Thyme seasalt body scrub recipe Ingredients to make a small jar... 1 fresh lemon (squeezed) 1 tablespoon of organic olive oil 6 tablespoons of sea salt A sprinkle of thyme Lemon & Thyme seasalt body scrub recipe Mix your organic olive oil and sea salt together in a small bowl until your sea salt is nicely coated with the oil. Next, squeeze in the lemon juice from one fresh lemon and mash it all together. Finally, sprinkle in some fresh thyme leaves. Lemon & Thyme seasalt body scrub recipe I consider myself to have quite sensitive skin and I was a bit wary of using something I'd just knocked up in the kitchen myself, so I did a small skin test the day before to be on the safe-side. Before using a new beauty product it is always advised to test it out on a small area of skin at least 24 hours before use. I think due to it's all-natural ingredients I actually found it to be a really gentle exfoliator and super moisturising too! You can mix up this recipe by experiementing with rosemary, mint or other herbs, or try adding in some lavender essential oil. With Love, Jo x

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