Hello heatwave. Grab some shade and cool down with these thirst-quenching homemade cordials and syrups.

June is the perfect time to make use of seasonal fruit for your cordials. These recipes are super quick and easy to make and can be bottled to enjoy all year round.

We like to add a dash to sparkling water, coffee, cakes or to our favourite summer cocktail. Salud!

How to Sterilise Bottles

For a small batch of cordial, wash the bottles thoroughly in hot, soapy water and rinse well. The cordial should keep in the fridge for around 2 weeks.

If you are planning on preserving the cordial for longer or freezing, then you will need to steriliser the bottles. To do this, wash thoroughly and place in the oven on 130°C for 20 minutes or put in the dishwasher on a high heat.


Elderflower Cordial

Nothing says summer quite like a cool glass of elderflower cordial. The below recipe is comes from Jen, one of our Content Contributors. It was her Grandmother's and has been passed down through the generations.


Image source: modernwifestyle.com


25 Elderflower heads

1814g Sugar

1.4l Water

2 Lemons, zest and meat

85g Citric Acid


1. Trim the elderflower and gently brush flowers to remove any dirt or bugs

2. Grate the lemons, then slice into wedges

3. Place all the ingredients into a large pot

4. Boil the water and pour over the ingredients. Stir well

5. Leave to cool to room temperature and pour into a large container

6. Seal and leave for 5 days. Stir well twice a day

7. After 5 days, sift the cordial through a fine cloth and bottle

8. The cordial will keep in the fridge for 2 weeks or freeze

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Rosemary Syrup by A Dash of Megnut

This delicious syrup can be used in summer Gin cocktails or bottled and saved to add to winter recipes. It's super easy to make and smells delicious.


Image source: A Dash of Megnut


Lavender Syrup by Fox and Briar

This recipe is for a Lavender Collins, however, we tried mixing the lavender syrup with sparking water and lemon. It did not disappoint!

Image source: Fox and Briar


Rhubard Cordial by Dan Sukker

Rhubard can sometimes be too tart but this light and refreshing cordial is delicious. Serve with a slice of lemon and fresh mint.

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