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Article: Forage a natural Christmas decoration for your dining table


Forage a natural Christmas decoration for your dining table

It’s that time of year when we start feeling festive, decorating our homes, and spending time cosied up indoors with loved ones. Here at Thought, we know you enjoy learning new DIY tricks, so we decided to ask Vicky of Oh Wild to share this cheerful tutorial, and help get us into the Christmas spirit. Read on to discover how to craft your very own natural Christmas decoration for a festive and wonderfully wild dining table centrepiece.

Forage a natural Christmas decoration for your dining table


  • Various greenery and berries; I used three types of eucalyptus; cinera, baby blue and alba, and red Ilex berries
  • Smaller items for decoration; I used wire mounted pine cones, but you could use dried oranges or orange slices, seed heads or dried chillies
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Large glass jar
  • White church candle
  • Garden twine
  • Thin floristry wire
  • Sharp scissors
  • Secateurs

natural Christmas decoration


Begin by wrapping your embroidery hoop with the eucalyptus; the stems are fairly bendy and are easy to twist. Secure each end with the floristry wire, then repeat until the hoop is completely covered. natural Christmas decoration Trim the rest of your greenery into smaller lengths, then begin to weave it into the eucalyptus stems - it’s a very similar process to making a wreath, but the aim is to build it higher rather than just covering the base, as you’ll be looking at it from the side instead of the top. natural Christmas decoration Once you’ve finished with the greenery, cut the stems with the berries into lengths and feed through the greenery at regular intervals. natural Christmas decoration Wrap a length of twine around the top of the jar - I left mine plain, but you could easily attach a small pine cone, dried orange slice or even an ornament. natural Christmas decoration Once in position, light the candle and then stand in the jar, and then place it into the centre of the decoration. Enjoy! Vicky natural Christmas decoration Let us know how you got on with making this natural Christmas decoration in the comments below! You might also enjoy reading Becky's natural gift wrapping tutorial.

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