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Article: One Pot Wonders: Easy Recipes to Try at Home

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One Pot Wonders: Easy Recipes to Try at Home

As the colder weather creeps in, we are turning towards comfort food as we begin to hunker down for winter. Recognising how much food gets wasted every year, it’s all about being more savvy with your ingredients and producing easy-to-make dishes which save on time and will give you left-overs to last you for days — meaning less cooking and importantly less waste.

From tasty tray bakes to hearty casseroles, we’ve compiled some of the best recipes where you can throw it all in in the pot, forget about it and enjoy meal after meal.

Tasty Vegan Lasagne, Recipe by Jamie Oliver

Layers of pasta, rich tomato and creamy mushroom sauce make this vegan lasagne recipe perfect for those looking for indulgent comfort food. This recipe also serves six which is perfect if your cooking for hungry family members, or want to batch cook and eat throughout the week to save spending extra pennies on lunch each day.

All-in-one Nigella-spiced Whole Tomato Dhal, Recipe by Rukmini Iyer

One pot dishes needn’t be just for stews — this dahl recipe from Rukmini Iyer is perfect for those who love their dishes packed full of flavour. The full cookbook, The Quick Roasting Tin, will be your go-to guide for tray bakes this season.

One Pot Kale, Mushroom and Garlic Spaghetti by Lauren Caris

Making dishes that have a small amount of prep and minimal ingredients can help free up some time in the evenings. You can grab the ingredients on the way home and have a lovely dinner ready in no time.

Smoky Red Lentil Stew from Pretty Simple Cooking by Sonja & Alex Overhiser

Paired perfectly with a piece of crusty bread, this one-pan dish will go down a treat with the family. Save some for the next day, or put some portions in the freezer and save them for a busy week.

One Skillet Mexican Quinoa by Sarah From Making Thyme For Health

This vegan and gluten free Mexican dish is wholesome and filling, and packed with flavour. The chilli gives a mouth-watering kick, and is delicious with a side of guacamole.

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