When thinking about Christmas, many of us have mixed feelings and emotions. This year in particular has been uncertain in many ways, and the festive season will undoubtably look quite different to normal.

Take a look at our tips for shopping thoughtfully this festive season; by taking care of others as well as the planet.

Buying with Thought

Making considered, sustainable choices about the gifts for each person can mean you spend less, waste less and are able to look after the environment as a result. Making a list of gift ideas for each person you're buying for is a great way to start, and then consider the most sustainable choices for each gift option. You might find that planning ahead in this way allows you to feel freer and enjoy the experience of giving even more than ever before.

Be Resourceful

Being resourceful when planning Christmas can require some forward thinking. Rather than spending money on materials that will only last for one day such as crackers and wrapping paper, why not consider making a party favour for each person round your table instead? Planning out each meal over the Christmas period can help to reduce stress, and discovering delicious leftover recipe ideas will ensure minimal food is wasted.

Make Your Own

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of making your own gifts. Doing so communicates to the receiver that they are special and worth the time. This year, we are spending time making gifts for our loved ones, perfect for giving in person or popping in the post. In the run up to Christmas, we are adding a selection of DIY gift tutorials to our blog that are perfect for gifting and are good for the planet too. From DIY candles to lip balms and Christmas cards, we will help you to have a more thoughtful Christmas this year.

Discover our lip balm tutorial here

Shop Local

This year, the majority of our shopping will take place online.

Huge businesses such as Amazon and eBay continue to meet and exceed their revenue targets due to their huge product range and the convenience of placing an order and receiving it soon after. While these sites are convenient and often seem cheaper, they come at a cost to smaller, independent businesses.

December is the peak trading time for any business. With high street shops and restaurants closed until at least December, it is more important to find ways to keep independent businesses afloat. Whether this means grabbing a gift card and sending it on, or ordering online, every small and thoughtful choice helps.

Buying from an independent business not only means that you are supporting an individual and their livelihood, but it also means you are likely to find better quality, more thoughtful gifts for your friends and families.

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