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Quick and easy DIY Hanging Planter Tutorial

There’s something so soothing about thriving leafy plants (and the odd bunch of fresh flowers) in the home. And if you’re short of space, or simply want to try something different, our newest contributor, Vicky, has a thoughtful idea we think you’ll love. Here she is with her first tutorial... Quick and easy DIY Hanging Planter Tutorial

Vicky's easy DIY hanging planter tutorial

“I love making something out of nothing; turning the old and unloved into something new and wonderful is pretty brilliant.” Especially when plants are involved! For my first post here at Braintree, I’m going to be showing you how to turn a plain embroidery hoop into a fabulously versatile hanging planter, which is perfect for showing off everything from succulents and cacti, to trailing ivy and bushy ferns. Quick and easy DIY Hanging Planter Tutorial

How to make it

You’ll need:
  • A few embroidery hoops (how many depends on how many planters you want to make)
  • A length of sturdy chain
  • Large jump rings
  • Materials for decoration; washi tape, paint, ribbon, lace... Anything goes!
  • Pliers (standard, and needle-nose)
Quick and easy DIY Hanging Planter Tutorial 1. Choose your embroidery hoop first – you need to make sure that the plant pot fits in snugly, and can’t just fall through, which is why it’s better to use a pot with slanted sides. You can use either the outer hoop with the screw fixing, or the inner hoop without it – it doesn’t matter as long as it fits properly. 2. Decide how you’re going to decorate your hoop, and then get creative. If you’re using paint or washi tape, consider covering it with a layer of varnish or paper mâché glue [from craft stores] for extra protection. Quick and easy DIY Hanging Planter Tutorial 3. Once your hoop is dry, you need to attach the chain. Measure three lengths that are all exactly the same, and then cut using pliers. To attach to the hoop, simply snip the end link and then open it slightly with needle-nose pliers, then wrap the chain around the hoop and thread the snipped link through a closed one before closing again. Repeat for the other two chain lengths. 4. Join the three lengths of chain at the top using the jump rings – make sure they’re closed tightly and won’t come open under the weight of the plant and pot, or you’ll be left with a big mess! 5. Carefully insert your pot into the hoop, making sure the three lengths of chain are evenly spaced and the plant hangs straight. 6. Make yourself a well-earned cuppa, and admire. Easy DIY Hanging Planter Tutorial by Vicky Want to know more about Vicky? Read our Q & A with her here.

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