The Full Moon: A Sturgeon Supermoon meets Thought's Autumn Winter Collection

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The Full Moon: A Sturgeon Supermoon meets Thought's Autumn Winter Collection

The Thought: August 12th marks the fourth full supermoon in a row and the last supermoon of the year. This particular full moon, the Sturgeon Full moon, is deeply connected to ocean life. Quite fitting then that it would align with the first drop of our new lunar inspired collection, exploring the selenic relationship with nature and how it influences seasons, tides, and all life on earth.

The Feeling: Soft fabrics, feel-good silhouettes, and a touch of romanticism, underpinned by our commitment to responsible production and sustainable materials. Look toward the southeast after sunset to catch a glimpse of the Sturgeon Moon rising, and look below to see our top picks from the celestial waters of our Autumn Winter drop.

The Piece: The Cleo GOTS Organic Cotton Dress

GOTS is the gold standard for organic cotton. This floaty number is coloured with an authentic tie-dye technique, meaning each piece is as unique as you. Designed to emulate the ocean waves, we love this look for summer and beyond.

Cleo Gots Organic Cotton Dress

Shop Cleo GOTS Organic Cotton Dress

The Piece: The Skylar Bamboo Jersey Legging and Top

A definite loungewear upgrade, this matching top and trouser combo manages to make chilling out look even more desirable. The almost pebbly, watery hand-painted print is inspired by the pull of the moon on our tides. The fabric is made from bamboo, which absorbs C02 as it grows!

Shop Skylar Bamboo Jersey Top and Leggings

Shop Skylar Bamboo Jersey Top

Shop Skylar Bamboo Jersey Leggings

The Piece: The Cato Bamboo Jumpsuit

Pure throw-on and go goodness. Bamboo is one of the most renewable crops out there, and this is the most comfy jumpsuit you can find - the watery hand-painted print inspires tranquillity. The ideal trans-seasonal piece to be worn year on year.

Cato Bamboo Jumpsuit

Shop Cato Bamboo Jumpsuit - Coming Soon!

In the meantime, shop the rest of the Cato pattern:

Shop Cato Bamboo Bralette

Shop Cato Bamboo Cami

Shop Cato Bamboo Briefs

Shop Cato Bamboo Bikini Briefs

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