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The Joyful Coach's mood boosting brights

If you are looking to lift your mood clothes are a great place to start. Colour can make a real difference to how you’re feeling and I’m sure like us, you all have a favourite top or dress that you put on and it makes feel great.

For Mental Health Awareness Week, a couple of weeks ago we teamed up with The Joyful Coach, Sophie Cliff, to bring our Thought Community inspiring, inviting and uplifting blogs throughout the week.

One of Sophie's favourite ways to maintain a sense of normality during these times is dressing up, whether that's putting on make-up just for yourself, trying on your favourite dress, or wearing pieces that make you feel happy and comfortable.


In terms of colours…

Orange draws attention and energy, but unlike red, it’s a little more soothing. While orange is a difficult colour for some skin tones to pull off, if you have the colouring to work it, orange will help put you in a positive, energetic mood.

Sunny shades of yellow are the perfect thing to cheer you up on a bad day, so if you’re feeling down, wearing yellow could help perk you back up.

Shades of green are calm and soothing, as well as associated with nature and the outdoors. That’s why green is such a popular spring shade. Green is also refreshing and has been found to reduce stress in those who look at it.

Pink is very calming, So if a happier mood is your goal, opt for a clothing colour with a rosy hue.

Purple is a very stimulating colour which can boost your energy level when you see it. It’s also a colour that’s sometimes associated with spirituality and intuition, so if you’re having trouble making a decision, wear purple and see what comes to you.

Missing those warm days now it’s rainier and more overcast? Wear white! It reflects light and reminds us of sunnier days. It’s also associated with peace and simplicity.

Keep reading to find out what Thought pieces Sophie loves to wear to stay joyful.

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