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Article: @the_greedy_ginger x Thoughtful Women

@the_greedy_ginger x Thoughtful Women

@the_greedy_ginger x Thoughtful Women

A few months back we stumbled across @the_greedy_ginger ‘s Instagram, and wow instant food / girl crush. We had to learn more, so we reached out to Alice: recipe developer, food photographer and content creator, and the creative mind behind these gorgeous recipes. 


What is/was your inspiration for starting your account? 

I emphasise comfort recipes and encourage others to embrace authenticity in their culinary choices. It's about tuning into what your body craves, perhaps adding that extra dollop of butter or indulging in those delightful 'treats', instead of constricting oneself with self-imposed rules. Naturally, moderation is key. Yet, food is a joy meant to be savoured—it's the highlight of my day. I hope to make it the same for my followers.


How and why did you become so passionate about food? 

I grew up on a farm and was taught to cook by my Granny and mum, hence a lot of my recipes being somewhat based on a traditional meal. Food has always been my passion, but I unfortunately had a time where I fell into the trap of not letting myself enjoy food and instead letting it control me. I put a lot of this down to what I was seeing on social media, so my aim, on the other side of this, is to be the person to encourage a healthy appetite, enjoying food and not being controlled by what's on the label. Even if I help just 1 person I will have done my job.


What’s your absolute favourite recipe, both a comfort meal and the perfect dinner party recipe? 

My favourite ever recipe has to be my Caramelised Onion Sausage Rigatoni made in the slow cooker. It is so simple and easy, letting the slow cooker do the hard work for you throughout the day, then can be dished up to either be enjoyed with friends and a few red wines, or curled up on the sofa enjoying the latest crime drama, always with lashings of parmesan. It's sweet, salty and just a hug in a bowl after a long day, and it even enables you to enjoy chatting with friends when hosting, rather than a slave to the kitchen. 


What’s your inspiration and what prompted you to create a platform/website?

Honestly, I started the blog a few years ago primarily to catalogue my recipes and share them with friends, given my long standing passion for cooking and hosting. One day, I baked doughnuts using a recipe from BBC Good Food. To my surprise, they shared my post on Instagram. This brought a significant amount of attention my way and spurred me to invest more into the blog. Since then, I've been wholeheartedly immersed in managing my food blog, experimenting in the kitchen, connecting with like-minded individuals, and collaborating with exceptional brands like yours. The journey has afforded me experiences I once only dreamt of, and I'm truly excited about its potential future.


3 key ingredients that are must haves in the cupboard? 

Garlic, salt and blue cheese (I know it’s 4 but I just have to also add honey for the sweet and salty delightful combo)


Plans for the future?.

I guess the ultimate dream would be to publish a cookbook and go full time with my food blog, but who knows. For now I am just trying my best to grow my platform as much as possible, inspire people to cook and eat what they want to and just have fun with it, and we'll see what happens I guess...

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