Thoughtful Christmas: Tips for a More Sustainable Christmas

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Thoughtful Christmas: Tips for a More Sustainable Christmas

The Thought: It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s estimated that waste goes up by 30% at Christmas. This is our list of top tips to help you enjoy a more sustainable Christmas that is full of sparkle and cheer. 

The Feeling: Doing good feels good. Give back to the planet and adopt some new traditions this year. The result: a merry, thoughtful Christmas.  

  1. Instead of sending cards, why not write paper-free emails this year to send well wishes to your friends and family? You could even attach a video or homemade festive playlist to make it extra special. Keep your eye out for alternatives to gift wrap too. Start collecting pretty magazine pages, packaging and boxes now to give sustainably wrapped, stylish gifts.
  2. Try making some of your own decorations instead of buying new ones. Gather your friends around for a festive afternoon making wreaths, baubles and table decorations - think about using evergreens from your garden and repurposing old decs and ribbon to keep waste to a minimum.
  3. Food waste is incredibly high at Christmas. In the UK, 2 million turkeys, 5 million puddings and 74 million mince pies are wasted each year. We suggest planning in advance so you know exactly how much food you’ll need. If you find yourself with leftovers, why not share them with a neighbour, donate to a local food initiative, or turn them into new dishes - anyone one for turkey curry? It’s also a good idea to start using up some of your freezer-fillers now so you’ve got some extra space for festive leftovers. 
  4. Giving gifts is a lovely way to show how much you care. There’s no harm in asking your friends and family what they really need so that you know your gifts won’t go to waste. Or why not consider making a donation in their name to a charity they care about, or gifting a voucher to their favourite local coffee shop? 
  5. Tempted to buy a new outfit for every Christmas party? Why not invest in a couple of timeless pieces and accessories that you can mix and match to see you through many festivities. Our party collection is sustainable and stunning, meaning you are sure to be the best dressed - and confidently kind to the planet.
  6. Christmas is full of joy, but it can have its stressful moments too. Make sure you take a few moments to yourself to reset, pause and relax. Read a few chapters of a book, or step outside for a walk. Remember to check in on your family and friends, too. 

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