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Article: 8 Simple Pleasures: Small Ways To Take Care Of Yourself


8 Simple Pleasures: Small Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

Endless to do lists. Catching up with friends and family. Appointments and meetings for this, and for that. We’re always so busy. So it’s all the more important we look after ourselves and give ourselves a bit of a break. Even if that’s just a five-minute sit on the sofa with a mug of hot tea. Here are few other ways to take care of yourself. And at home, at work, wherever you are. Think of these as little, simple pleasures you can do that give you much more back. Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

8 Simple Pleasures: Small Ways To Take Care Of Yourself


Jot your feelings down. Use it as a cathartic exercise – no-one but you has to see what you type or scribble.


Your arms above your head. And from side to side. You could be sat on the edge of your bed before getting up. Or sat on your chair at work. Anywhere. Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

Make Tea

The few steps around the office or your home; the screen break; the slow sipping of a comforting hot drink. These things are all your friends.

Say No To Something

There’s nothing wrong in tactfully saying ‘I don’t want to do that’, ‘I can’t take that on board right now’, ‘It’s not the right time’. You are in control. Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

Go For a Walk

Our contributor Emma Mills can’t recommend a mindful walk highly enough. See her other top tips for feeling brighter here.

Put Your Phone Down

I’m sure I’m not the only one cooking, eating, working – with phone in hand or at my side. Try leaving it in another room. And do so overnight so you’re not tempted to reach for it before bed. Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

De-Clutter Your Space

Stop. Tidy your desk. Pour yourself a glass of water. Take a 5 minute wander around your office, home, or wherever you are. Then get back to what you were doing.

And Here’s a Challenge…

Keep only one browser window open at a time. The idea is to help you focus on a single task at hand. Close your inbox too. Check out the School of Life’s Small Pleasures video for more ideas. It’s full of amazing everyday things we should all try to notice and experience more. Enjoy! Clare Ways To Take Care Of Yourself What are your ways to take care of yourself? Just let us know in the comments below! You might also love reading Clare's Helpful, Healing Book Recommendations.

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