Considered Design

Everything we create embraces the concept of slow fashion. Our clothes are made with the greatest consideration for people and the planet. They’re designed to last and to be worn time after time.

You’ll find our collections practical, accessible, and flattering. With the welcome effect that they’ll make you feel as good as you look.

Sketched Ideas

Design is Never a Repeat Process

Things evolve. We, too, move forward. Choosing fresh colour palettes.

Refining our silhouettes and how things fit. Developing new and unique prints. And finding innovative ways to use our natural and sustainable fabrics, edge-to-edge. We always work towards zero waste where and when we can.

Designers with Swatches

Small, Considered Production

We keep our quantities small to keep a certain specialness to our collections. Every piece should feel unique. Together with our factory partners we work towards small, considered production. Of course, minimum orders, fair wages, and respecting their invaluable skills.

Waste, Not Wasted

We turn our scrap fabrics into headbands. Leftover yarns into socks. We only use polyester that’s recycled. There are lots of small changes like these we can make – and we’ll continue to embrace them.

Designers Drawing on Swatches


An incredible amount of thought goes into the prints we use. They have their own narrative, which is what makes us unique. Our designers find their inspiration in galleries, our vintage archive, and always in nature. Through sketching and sampling, we make sure we get every exclusive-to-us print perfect.


People, not machines bring our collections to life. From our designers and production team at our London HQ to the skilled makers in our factories.

Designer Writing

Our considered collections will always...

  • Be sustainably sourced
  • Be accessible and inclusive
  • Allow people to express themselves
  • Be timeless in design
  • Slot effortlessly into lifestyles
  • Be expertly crafted with natural fabrics
  • Show how clothes don’t have to cost the earth

We’ve always believed in circular fashion

Design Cycle

We see every part of a garment’s life span as cyclical. From farmers sowing seeds and harvesting crops to how those crops become yarn. Yarn that will become the clothes we wear, care for and eventually, pass on.

As designers, as thinkers, we work hard to continue this natural, sustainable loop.

Idea Collage Paint