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DIY Organic Beauty Recipes for Winter

To help combat the winter elements, I love using organic ingredients to create homemade, chemical-free beauty treatments. They’re a simple beauty trick to prevent winter skin looking so dishevelled – as well as being a great way to relax! I’ve rounded-up some of my favourite DIY beauty tricks made with 100% natural ingredients. They’re as good for the planet as they are your skin. Here are my top five DIY organic beauty recipes, perfect for the cold weather months...  

Winter DIY Organic Beauty Recipes

Winter DIY Organic Beauty Recipes

Lavender & Lemon Himalayan Bath Salt

Turn your dry winter skin smooth and silky with this homemade Himalayan pink bath salt recipe. It's perfect for helping you relax and unwind - not to mention the many health benefits of using salt in your bath water. Here’s how to make this relaxing lemon and lavender-infused bath salt…


1 cup Himalayan pink salt (fine grind) ½ cup Epsom salts 1 tsp of coconut oil 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil 10-15 drop of lemon essential oil 2-3 tsp of lemon zest (optional) Winter DIY Organic Beauty Recipes


1. Pour the Epsom salt and Himalayan salt into a small mixing bowl. Then sprinkle drops of lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil into the salt mixture. 2. Add the coconut oil and, if you wish to, grate in the zest of a lemon. Mix all the ingredients well. 3. Spoon your bath salt into a mason jar or bottle. Decorate how you like, with twine, ribbon or a sprig of lavender - and that's it. It's that simple! Winter DIY Organic Beauty Recipes

My Top Tip:

If you don’t have the essential oils in this recipe to hand, you can substitute with plenty of other pretty scents. A couple of my other favourites include rose-scented salts and grapefruit with rosemary. —–  

Oatmeal, Honey and Banana Scrub Mask

An organic beauty recipe from one of my favourite food bloggers, Deliciously Ella. This exfoliating and soothing face mask is super easy to make with just three natural ingredients. Winter DIY Organic Beauty Recipes —–  

DIY Floral Body Scrub

I love the sound of this homemade scrub from our #BThoughtful contributor, Aimee of Wallflower Girl. With it's heavenly floral aroma, it will not only leave you with soft, silky skin, but also leave your skin smelling wonderful too. Winter DIY Organic Beauty Recipes —–  

Homemade Lip Scrub with Cinnamon

Try this homemade cinnamon lip scrub from Hello Glow as all-natural alternative that works wonders for chapped lips. Simply apply using your fingertips to gently enxfoliate and keep lips naturally smooth throughout the cooler months.

Winter DIY Organic Beauty Recipes


Rose & Hibiscus Whipped Body Butter

As a natural moisturiser for winter skin, I love this DIY organic body butter shared by Emily and Erick of Heidi's Bridge on Poppy Talk. Scented with organic brewed hibiscus tea and rose essential oils, this simple homemade body butter smells great and is a breeze to make. Winter DIY Organic Beauty Recipes   If you have a bit more time and ingredients left over, you may like to try one the natural beauty tutorials I shared for Organic Beauty Week, or why not try out my homemade Rose Petal Lip Balm. Let us know if you try any of these organic beauty recipes and share your photos with us on on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use #MADEWITHTHOUGHT so we can see your masterpieces! Festive tipples: 5 Christmas Cocktails by Jo

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