Discover our top natural beauty tips and recipes for summer, to keep skin and hair nourished whilst using natural, organic ingredients.

Natural beauty tips for summer

natural beauty tips summer


It’s known that hair can become more dry and split in warmer weather. So avoid making it worse by using heat on it every day. Instead, after your shower, remove yourself from the steamy bathroom (steam causes frizz), and gently brush your hair rather than wrapping it in a towel. Then use a serum from the middle to the ends of your hair to smooth it (try Jo’s DIY natural hair serum recipe). Rather than using any heat to dry or straighten your hair, let it dry naturally. If you feel the need to dry your hair then try using a cooler setting on your hairdryer or you can half dry it and let the sun do the rest! Another way to keep your hair from drying out in hot weather is to wash it less, or replace shop-bought shampoo with natural, apple cider vinegar for every other wash. This adds shine, prevents breakage and balances the PH levels in your hair. Try Jo's homemade avocado and honey hair mask for some extra nourishment. natural beauty tips summer


In the balmy weather we’re having, it’s important to let your skin breathe. Try reducing the amount of makeup you wear (or not wearing any at all). Simply using a light, under-eye concealer, a touch of mascara and a natural, sun protecting lip balm rather than a full face of makeup is perfect for giving your skin a break and preventing blocked pores. Or if you’d rather, simply switching from foundation to a BB cream creates a much lighter, more natural look. When you exfoliate, ensure that it’s only at night. Removing dead skin in the morning makes you much more susceptible to burning during the day. Here is Jo’s natural, organic Adzuki bean face scrub recipe to try. Make sure you stay hydrated. Drinking around 8 glasses of water a day will keep skin clear, rid your body and skin of toxins and help you feel less lethargic in the heat. If your skin needs further nourishment, try Jo’s DIY summer face masks to help reduce redness and soothe the skin after spending time in the sun. natural beauty tips summer

Nails and hands

Summer often means that your hands are more likely to be submerged within water, which makes nails weaker and more prone to splitting. Rather than using nail polish, give them a break by buffing them instead. Ensure that you buff in the direction of nail growth rather than back and forth to avoid further breakage. If you tend to get dry hands, even in warmer weather, Jo’s DIY hand scrub recipes are sure to sort you out. Or for more of a quick fix, try using coconut oil, rubbing it into hands and nail beds to keep them hydrated and keep hangnails at bay. natural beauty tips summer


As much as it’s important to protect your skin from the sun in hot weather, it’s all about balance. Don’t be afraid of the sun – just 10-20 minutes can help boost your mood, improve your sleep and lower blood pressure. With heat comes mosquitos. Protect yourself the natural way with Jo’s homemade, insect repellent. natural beauty tips summer


Keep your feet prepped for sandal weather with Jo’s all-natural DIY foot scrub recipes. These formulas will help remove dead skin, soothe tired soles and soften your feet; as well as leaving them smelling wonderfully fresh!   Accompanied by good sleep, healthy eating and plenty of exercise, these treatments will make you feel refreshed the natural way. Hannah natural beauty tips summer What are your natural beauty tips? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @wearethought. You might also love our organic beauty tips from our followers!

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