Love your socks? Want them to last longer? Darning is so easy, really fast, and this method will have them as good as new.
What you’ll need:
sewing scissors, thread, darning and mending materials
A sock that's seen better days
A darning egg, tennis ball, or something else similar
Some thread in a similar colour to the sock
Once you have gathered your materials, let's get started.
Step 1
Pull your sock over the egg or ball. You can also just hold the sock in your hand if preferred.
sock with a hole in and needle and thread
Step 2 
Thread your needle.
Step 3 
Tie a knot in the end of your thread then insert needle on the inside of the sock. Pull the thread through, with your knot on the inside of the sock.
socks and hands mending a hole
Step 4 
With the tip of your needle, pick up a single stitch at the edge of the right side of your hole. Pull the thread through but keep it loose.
Step 5 
Now, insert your needle underneath a single thread to the left of the hole and again pull it through without pulling it tight. If you continue this pattern left to right you are creating a criss cross.
socks mending needle hands
Step 6 
When you get to the top of the hole, gently pull the thread to close the hole. 
Step 7 
To tie a knot, insert the needle back through the area it just came out, pull it though until there is a small loop. Bring your needle back through the loop and pull the thread tight.
socks, tape measure
Step 8 
Finally, reinsert your needle back into the top of the repair and pull it through to halfway. Pull all the thread through and then snip off the end. This will create a smooth finish that you won’t feel underfoot. 

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