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Article: our partnership with TRAID

our partnership with TRAID - Thought Clothing UK

our partnership with TRAID

What: We’re working to close the gap in circular fashion. We have a long-term charity partnership with TRAID, to make it easier for you to donate your pre-loved clothing.
Why: It’s no secret that fashion has a negative impact on the environment, with tonnes of garments ending up in landfill every year – a reported 10,000 items every five minutes. By donating your pre-loved clothing to a charity like Traid, not only do you help minimise, improve and transform the environmental impact of clothes , you also contribute to delivering sustainable education, and to the international development projects they fund.
How: Through the profits made from their stores, TRAID funds international development projects that work to stop the exploitation of people working in the textiles and fashion industry. This means working to improve the conditions of those working in cotton fields, garment factories and the mills where our fabrics are made.
If you’re London based (anywhere inside the M25) you can book a collection, and TRAID will come to your door to collect the clothes you are giving away, free of charge.

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