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Article: Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

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Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

As we enter the festive season, what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to make your own decorations? We've been getting crafty over here at Thought, and have put together a tutorial for making paper tree decorations. Read on to discover more.

You Will Need:

Paper (we used recycled Kraft wrapping paper)


Glue stick



1.Draw a symmetrical shape on a piece of scrap paper or card. Cut this shape in half.

2.Fold your ornament paper in half, and draw round the shape on the fold (creating a full shape when it is opened out).

3.Cut around your shape, and open it out to reveal the full, symmetrical shape.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you have as many pieces as you like. The more shapes you cut out, the more full your ornament will look.

5. Using your glue stick, glue one half of each shape to the other half of another.

6. Repeat this until your ornament is half full, and set this part of the ornament to one side.

7. Make the other half of your ornament by repeating steps 2-6. You should now have both sides of your ornament!

8. Cut a length of string, and lay it on top of one of your ornament sides.

9. Stick both ornament sides together, trapping the string in the middle.

10. Hang your ornament on your tree!

Don't forget to tag us at #stylewiththought so we can see your finished creations!

Discover more DIY tutorials on our blog here

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