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Article: Print Your Own Christmas Cards And Wrapping Paper


Print Your Own Christmas Cards And Wrapping Paper

Get into the Christmas spirit with some festive crafting. Making your own Christmas cards and wrapping paper not only saves money and reduces waste, but it is also a fun evening and weekend activity. Lino printing is easy to get the hang of and leaves a wonderful handmade effect on the paper. Get your crafty supplies at the ready and read on to discover how to lino print your own festive paper.

You will need:

Plain wrapping paper (we used recyclable Kraft paper)

Plain cards and envelopes

Lino sheets

Lino knife



Water-based ink



1. With a pencil, draw your design onto the lino sheet. Lino printing will reverse your design, so draw your design backwards.

2. Using a lino knife, cut away the negative space in your design, and make sure you only cut away the pieces you don't want to print. It's really important to keep your fingers out of the way when you're working!

3. If it's easier, you can cut around your shape with scissors to avoid spending a lot of time cutting with the lino knife.

4. Next, squeeze some ink into a tray or a piece of glass. Using your roller, roll the ink out so that it is even on the surface.

5. Use the roller to evenly roll ink onto your lino piece.

6. Press the lino piece face down onto your wrapping paper or card.

7. Repeat as many times as your like!

Explore our blog for more festive crafty ideas.

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