National Recycling Week Ideas 2015

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National Recycling Week: 10 Thoughtful Ideas

This year's National Recycling Week begins today! To celebrate, I've rounded up some of the upcycling projects we've found or shared in the past – all of them are easy, yet imaginative ways to re-work your waste. Here goes... National Recycling Week Ideas

1. Make a tote bag

A recycled fabric tote bag is the perfect alternative for carrying home your groceries –plus they're easier to carry and won’t split. With some spare fabric, a little thread, and some basic sewing skills, you can have beautiful new tote bag that not only looks great, but also truly original. We show you how in our DIY Fabric Tote Tutorial.  

2. Give a lamp a lift

Make sure your home stays bright and beautiful with our fabric lampshade tutorial. Recovering an old lampshade is a great way to liven a room and recycle fabric at the same time. Gather together the shade, fabric, scissors, glue, and trim, and you're half way there! National Recycling Week Ideas - Lampshade Cover

3. Recycle envelopes

Wendy from the sustainable living blog, Moral Fibres, shares ten ideas for re-using and reducing the amount of envelopes in your life. From opting out of junk mail to storing seeds in them over the winter, read Wendy's Top Tips for inspiration.  

4. Recycle newspapers

Sustainable living blogger Laura shares her guide to eco-friendly, no-tape gift wrapping. For Laura's Zero Waste Gift Wrapping you'll only need newspaper, biodegradable twine and scissors. Remember to trim any extra paper and save it for another gift.

National Recycling Week Ideas - Newspaper Gift Wrapping

5. Compost your waste

I love this simple composting guide by Ethical Living blogger, Elizabeth of The Note Passer. She’s created an fun flowchart for what you can and can't compost. Print it out (on recycled paper, of course), hang it on your fridge, and get into composting too.  

6. Crockery plant pots

Chipped your favourite mug or teapot? Try planting a selection of herbs or your favourite flowers into them. Here’s a beautiful teapot flower arranging idea from Sarah of Blossom and Branch. National Recycling Week Ideas - Plant Teapots

7. D.I.Y. Bunting

This is a really easy way to upcycle fabric, handkerchiefs, or even hand-me-down scarves. Hang a length of string or ribbon where the bunting will go, then peg your fabric along its length. I love these two inspirational ideas for newspaper bunting and fabric bunting from Found & Sewn's Victoria.  

8. Freeze Fruit

Never let another citrus fruit go to waste again with Wendy from Moral Fibre's ultimate guide to freezing your lemons, oranges and limes. Slice them, freeze them, use them to instantly cool drinks. Genius. National Recycling Week Ideas - Freeze fruit

9. Zero Waste Coffee

Elizabeth of ethical living blog, The Note Passer, shows that with just a few brewing technique tweaks, you can easily cut down on the waste your daily ritual produces. Read her hints.  

10. Craft a Patchwork Cushion Cover

Finally, another one of my favourite make-it-yourself projects that can really renew a room. This simple hand-stitched cushion cover tutorial makes a lovely little decoration and handily uses up any old material or even old clothes. National Recycling Week Ideas - Cushion Cover Do you have similar, smart ideas? Share them in the comments below. Jo x

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