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Article: Natural and Sustainable: In Conversation with Nuud

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Natural and Sustainable: In Conversation with Nuud

We're delighted to announce that we've recently added Nuud to our Thought Living collection. Recognising that sweating is an important and healthy part of bodily function, Nuud have created a revolutionary deodorant made from 100% natural ingredients that won't get in the way of the human body's natural need to sweat. We recently had a chat with the founders of Nuud, who answered some questions about their earth-loving deodorant.


How did you develop the idea for Nuud?

The idea behind Nuud is all about making a change. We wanted to doing something different in a market dominated by spray deodorant and anti perspirants. As cliche as it might sound, we wanted to do something that matters, which is why we call Nuud the deodorant revolution!


What is Nuud made from?

Nuud contains only ten ingredients, the most important one being micro silver. The other ingredients are there purely to keep this micro silver in its place.


Where did the name come from?

We chose the name 'Nuud' to convey total innocence; a harmless product you can put on your skin.


Is silver safe?

The Ecocert certified micro silver we use is completely harmless to both your body and the environment, which has a lot to do with the size of the particles we use. Micro silver is 1.000 x larger than nano silver, which means it is way too large to penetrate the skin and thus to enter your body, and instead it will wear off after a couple of days. Secondly, the silver in nuud is 99.99% pure metallic silver. Derivatives, such as colloidal silver or silver nitrate are a lot cheaper, but they're also quite aggressive to your body and the environment. We did not even consider using these, and opted for pure metallic silver instead. The silver we use is actually very much comparable to silver worn on the skin, such as bracelets or necklaces. After wearing silver jewellery for thousands of years, we can safely say it's pretty harmless!


Is Nuud antiperspirant?

Absolutely not!


How does it last for up to 7 days?

The silver in nuud is kept in place by natural oils that soak into the outer layers of your skin, and a simple shower and rinse with water won't wash it away. This allows the silver to do its job for multiple days in a row. After a while you'll notice you're starting to smell again, and as soon as that happens, simply wash your pits with soap and reapply that morning.


What does it smell like?

Nuud is completely scentless, meaning it's perfect to combine with your favourite perfume!


How long does 1 tube last for?

One 15ml tube lasts for about 6 to 8 weeks. When you wake up, apply no more than a pea-sized amount of Nuud and you'll be good for days to come!


Does it prevent sweating, or does it perfume the sweat as it happens?

Nuud does not prevent sweating at all. We try to restrict natural bodily functions as little as possible; and since sweating is both normal and healthy, stopping the sweat is a no go. However, Nuud excels at stopping your sweat from smelling. The silver in Nuud neutralises the bacteria that otherwise would've caused the nasty smell.


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