We are proud to announce that we have recently joined the Jeans Redesign Project, an initiative founded by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to tackle waste and pollution caused by the production of denim. Earlier this year, we launched ‘Denimkind, a five-piece collection of sustainable denim product that aligns us with the core principles of this valuable project.

Jeans Redesign Project - Thought Clothing and Ellen Macarthur Foundation

From jeans and dresses to jackets, denim has been a staple material used in the fashion industry for many years, and most people have denim as a key part of their wardrobe. However, it is no secret that the production of standard denim comes at a huge cost to the planet; and just one pair of jeans requires large amounts of the earth’s resources such as water, pesticides and energy. The manufacturing process alone makes jeans difficult to remake and recycle after use, meaning it is challenging to achieve a circular fashion industry.

The purpose of a circular fashion industry is to tackle the problem of climate change and loss of biodiversity caused by the production of new materials. In a circular system, clothes are made from renewable or recycled materials using a method that allows the item to be made into something new once it has reached the end of its life.

Aimed at encouraging leading brands to transform the ways jeans are made, the Jeans Redesign Project provides a starting point on the journey towards a circular economy in the production of denim.

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